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You are extraordinary, remember that

"Today I want to talk about extraordinary. Why is that when we know that we all have unique gifts, attributes, values, beliefs, looks, etc., we at times ourselves don't think of ourselves as extraordinary??Don't you think we should??

What if we all believed that we are extraordinary?? Don't you think the world would be a better place? Imagine you live your life knowing that you are not your ordinary person who is nothing, means nothing, has achieved nothing, contributes nothing, is of no value to anyone at all, etc. Imagine living knowing at all times that you are a complete opposite of that. How will it make you feel??

Also, what about understanding that you are made in the image of God?? I know I am extraordinary and so you are!! This makes me feel so good. I write often that if you feel good, the sky is no limit of what you can accomplish. Feeling good makes you see clearer, makes you more focused, determined, committed, disciplined and much much more. Success starts with feeling good about yourself. One of the many ways to feel good is to know that you are extraordinary!!

Go ahead: think highly of yourself. Embrace all your qualities and start living. If you are still here, you have so much in front of you. You are the extraordinary person that we are so blessed to have on this Earth. Open up an extraordinary you and start living life to the fullest like you have never done before. Why not you???" Marina Amdream.

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