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  • Marina Amdream/EmroVideos

"You Are Who You Say To Yourself You Are"

"I am learning a common concept that "you are who you say to yourself you are." However, so many people don't fully know or believe that, practice that, remind yourself that, etc. What if every day you said to yourself that "you are the best businesswoman/man on the planet," "you are the best father/mother has ever been born," "you are the best leader in your community the world could wish for," etc. Your brain will start believing that; you will start to believe that; you will become more confident, more productive and, ultimately, much happier." Isn't it what we all want? And to think it all started with goods words/thoughts addressed by you to yourself. A fascinating phenomenon we all should take advantage of every day till the rest of our lives. Will you..." Marina Amdream

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