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You want it? WORK!

"Do you want a change in your life?? Work! Do you want to be happier?? Work!! Do you want to be healthier?? Work!!! Do you want to have it all?? Work!!!! A "simple" answer to anything you want is: "You have got to work for what you want!" And, of course, this notion is easier said than done, but why??

As I am working for what I want every day like becoming the best in the world writer, speaker, rapper, etc. I start questioning what's stopping me from achieving it. Many factors contribute to me not being where I am destined to be yet and one of them is lack of work (or not knowing how to work). If I want to get there, I must do something the same consistently or completely different every single day. If doesn't work, I must try something else and something else until I get what it is I wish for.

The way I try - I work! I work on my writing, speaking, rapping and selling skills, etc. And that's just a preparation. The main test comes when you are on the field applying everything you know again and again. The key is don't stop practicing what you have worked for hours for. The key is not stopping working!!

As you see working can have two definitions: one is working on your skills, one is working as a job. Both are equally important. But if you have skills and don't do anything with it, nobody is going to buy it, you won't have money to live on and you should might as well quit. But don't you ever ever quit. Work!!

When motivational speakers say: "work" I always wonder what do they really mean?? Here are some examples: post on social media posts about yourself, your products, educational tips or funny memes almost every day. Believe me: managing social media is work and it can take so much of your time, but it's a huge part of any business!

Another example: go to networking events: it may look like just talking to people, but you may actually be meeting potential clients. Here you are working! One more example: read, learn and ask for help!! You may think it's just school. But if you want to become successful, you must become an expert in your field. Educating yourself should be a daily quest because even one idea you pick up somewhere can change a course of your whole business.

In all examples mentioned above or in anything you work on the key is being consistent. Even if you are tired and don't want to do anything, your strong desire to be the best that has ever lived should push you to keep going. Don't you ever give up on your dream!!

Here you have it: "you want it??" Work!! If you don't know how to work or what to do, learn!! But stop making excuses and wait that someone is just going to give you something for free. Even if you may get some "free" help, it is going to happen because the universe knows that you are putting in the work. And this is your reward for it. You want to have it all?? WORK for it!! There is no other way to say it!! Why can't you??" Marina Amdream. P.S. Like what you read? Shop for all the inspirational gear I design to allow me to write even more blog posts like these.

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