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Appreciate What You Have And People Who Support You

"Today I want to talk about a subject of appreciation. When I was young in Ukraine I never thought I needed to do it. I came to US at 19: I learned how beneficial it actually is!! Why is that you ask?

Well, the act of appreciation reminds you to thank God, Universe, people around you for what you have. Do you know how many people in the world may not have hot water, good food, a lot of socks or underwear, etc. Over the years being from the third world country I have seen it all: only one pair of socks for a year, soup made from water, fake cheap flavoring & one carrot, one pair of shoes for the whole season that you have to repair over and over, no hot faucet water, but a pot on a stove, etc.

What if you focus on and thank for working air conditioning, available transportation, meat, cheese and tomato sandwich anytime, friends in your life, etc. How does it make you feel? It makes you feel good knowing you have it, right? Let me tell you what else it does: it builds a kind compassionate character that is ready to help thousands of people. It helps you be calmer in stressful situations. It helps you build world peace. It simply makes you happier. If you are happy, it's easier for you to share your blessings with others and that way you make the world better. Wow, and all that can happen just by appreciating what you have.

Another side of appreciation is appreciating other people. The more grateful you are for them, the more they like you and want to work with you and help you. Imagine if more people fully appreciated each other. The world would be a kinder place: this is what we want, don't we?

So, please appreciate more, show your appreciation more, remind yourself to appreciate what you do have when times get hard. It can help you switch from feeling miserable to better almost immediately. It can help you be happier (as mentioned above) and a happier you will make a happier world around you. What do you think about the idea of appreciating more. Do you agree it's important? Share with me your thoughts on such simple, but at times forgotten topic..." Marina Amdream

P.S. My picture by Emro Videos.

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