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Support others, so they can support you!

"One of the ways to grow anything is to support others. It seems easy: just go and support someone's event, someone's business, non-profit, etc. Not me: I used to come to people's events and then if the event was ok, I would feel so jealous & even angry at people who did the events "better than me." I would always compare everything they did to what I did, get satisfaction in finding flaws & it gets better: I would be fake smiling to people when deep inside I wish they were losers & only supported me!!! It's bazaar, I know!! Find another motivational speaker who would ever tell you something honestly like this?? Was I not crazy?? I know I was!!

The unfortunate thing is that this is the exact mindset of soooo many out there who, frankly, just have not learned any different way of handling events yet. What I am learning now is that we can grow in anything only if give our genuine support to others first. Then if people see how nice and kind you are, they will be more than happy to support you! As you see it does not start with anyone, but you! And me:)

I am also learning is that when you go to an event with positive attitude without setting high expectations of meeting a potential supporter, it just kind of happens on its own. If you feel and sound desperate, you may turn off people all together from helping you. We do want their support. But we don't want to overwhelm them with our infinite ideas in 5 minutes conversation we are having with them. Have a short sales pitch and then ask them questions:) I still lack in the "short" sales pitch department, but I am working on it:)

One of the teachers I follow is teaching to come to events with an attitude of "How can I help?" vs "What can I get?" Like today I just, frankly, came to support the ladies doing a great thing. And it was wonderful!!!! I met so many people that may become my clients one day: you never know. Everyone I met today I want to help in some way in the future. Do you think you can try to help anyone you ever meet?? Would not it be amazing?? That's a lot of positive attitude helping, don't you think? (I just came up with this

The next step is to stop comparing yourself, but genuinely be happy for others. I am soooo learning of a law of attraction. I used to put such negative vibes into the room: I wonder I never got any support. I would never want them to support the old me either. Anyone who met me even a year ago: I get you!! You can forgive the old Marina. Will you support me now?☺️

And finally, the secret to enjoying to the fullest anything in life such as other people's events, accomplishments, etc. is simply being content with your life and with what you are doing!!! I know, I know, it's so easy to say when the voice of doubt & fear crippling on us like it wants to win us over every time. But you can try to find your calling and live in your purpose by doing something consistently that is helping others. If that bad voice (noise) tries to come in your mind, keep reminding yourself that you are happy with what you have and what you do!! Positive affirmations come in handy at anytime. I do those very very often. I even had to do it today for just a split second when I felt like I was not important enough to be among such incredible ladies (it was a women's event).

Here we go: the cure to being uncomfortable, feeling not supported & just not being happy at any event. Be present. Don't over think it. Support people you meet from the heart. And someday in some way you will get your blessing back. Even the Bible teaches: "Give & Take." NOT: "Take & Give."

Hope this helps. Now, let's go & support events, businesses, non-profits, etc. of others with joy, love & laughter while learning or just having a good time:)" Marina Amdream.

P.S. Pictures from today's PowHer Players events. Consider joining this amazing group!! Today's event was amazing!! Thank you, ladies!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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