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Choose Love Instead Of Hating

"Lately I have been fascinated by philosophies of monks: the way they master their mind, help people, love, etc. The more I am learning the more I am discovering that love has more chance of winning everything than hate. My whole life I could be very hostile and rebellious because I had a very violent childhood. When I was a child I believed that fighting, name calling and yelling is the answer to all disagreements and let downs. It's fascinating for me to discover for myself at the age of 31 that I can learn to handle everything with love. You can too! Oh, it's so hard, everyone😬 because it's not the way I know or you may know. When I get mad, it can get pretty dramatic. Well, yesterday I made myself practice what I teach to you, guys. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do!!! Long story short I had the worst experience ever in a cell phone provider store. It takes a lot for me to want to call a corporate office to report someone. Guess what? I called them absolutely furious and as I was explaining what happened, believe it or not, in a calm way (but so angry inside), I started to think through the reason for my call. As hard as it was for me I decided to handle the situation with love, and I told them I changed my mind: "I don't want to report that worker anymore. He might need his job more than anything. He might have had a bad day." So, I ended up not reporting him although in my opinion it would be so well deserved. As I got off the phone I was so proud of myself. For the first time in years I managed to shift my hate to love by making a conscious decision to do so. It felt incredibly rewarding. I understand that it will take me many more years to fully change the way I behave if someone disrespects me, hits me, lets me down, etc., but I am up for a challenge. Think of the most influential people in the world like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, etc. They handle everything with love and we have loved them for that. I know it can be hard to love when you are not loved back, but, I believe, with lifetime practice it's possible. Let me know how you handle bad situations. Are you quick to hate or are you quick to love? Please choose love..." Marina Amdream

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