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Cry, Wipe Your Tears And Start Again & Again & Again

"You know how many times I have cried: "a perfect" businesswoman, speaker, community activist is a real human being inside. She has struggled with mental health issues due to not being able to handle all on her own US culture shock and transition into English language (thinking and speaking), anxiety, depression, domestic abuse, food disorder, abandonment, etc. BUT! She experienced and yet another tremendous trauma in October, 2018 that made her lose her vision for 20min from crying and stress. She prayed for restoration, and when God heard her prayers, she started using the last of her strength all alone among 327 million people to transform her life 360 degrees around. Is it hard when you are a nervous rack 99.99% of the time with focus issues, lazy habits and, most importantly, self-doubting negative thoughts that have overtaken her mind like its their private residence forever? Take that for a breakthrough formula... But she has fight or flight response in her. She is a survivor from the third world country. She believes she is a good person who understands the value of hard work because you can use the result of it to help millions of people. She takes her last strength, pulls herself up, cries because she understand how hard it is to become the best that has ever lived in her field. She has tried it before and failed herself not being able to handle the pressure of another country and college. Even though she graduated her health failed her completely; she almost died. Career goals were thrown out of the window. Getting well was the only priority. Now she is older with so much baggage, experience and a totally new understanding of brutal cut throat competitive reality. But her third world upbringing survival habits, boxing and constant fighting in her family backgrounds help her realize that all she needs is to wipe her tears and start achieving her dreams again and again. It's hard. But half of her life is gone. She can die unfulfilled or push one more time, just one more time... Her win is on the line. It's now or never. Die or live. Give or take. She chooses to make her more valuable in the world by making her vision a reality once and for all! Which one will you do? I know you maybe scared, but let your fear of the unknown be your biggest motivator to get up and move again and again and again... The reward is greater than pain. You have in you everything you need. Dig it out and start using your great ideas to make the world a better place than before you came.... Will you?" Marina Amdream

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