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Faith, Hope, Church, Good People, Good In The World

"Ya'll, I didn't want to get up to go to church today. I always work myself till late on Saturdays, and then on Sundays getting up is torture. I just want to stay in bed whole day. Can't you tell by my sleepy eyes on this picture?? Someone said today: "I didn't see you in class this morning!" I said: "I didn't want to get up. Isn't it terrible??" He said: "Terrible!!" We laughed together.

Although I didn't make it to class, I made it eventually to church. I say: "eventually" because I was late - just on time for giving:) (I love giving for the Lord part!!). The pastor talked today about not just being rescued yourself through Jesus Christ, but also rescue others. I love love this because I tend to believe that's what I am doing here - helping you in some way. I hope I do☺️.

The pastor asked us to pray with someone after his sermon to not just to be rescued, but to be a rescuer of others. I go to church alone because I don't have family in this country, and I haven't made friends yet who like my church. And, frankly, I like going to church alone. I like to think a lot as you can tell by following me. Good church allows me to think my heart out:) lol. Also, on Sundays I am usually so tired. That's why I am not a very social person on Sunday (my brothers and sisters at church would never tell you that. lol. I am always so outgoing. Habit! This is how I talk to people if you have met me. When I get home I am an exhausted recharging introvert for the rest of the day:)

Anyway, enough about me. Let me tell you who I got to pray with today!!! See on the picture Jim & Pam Wallis (left) and Darrin and Nicole Williams (right)!! Some of the most wonderful couples I have ever met!! Mr. Jim led the prayer. We all held hands. And just for a few split minutes we were one in Christ. Stuff like that just makes me happy!! "Random" people from all walks of life with so many different stories unite for a prayer to God! This is just like a miracle to think about it: no arguing, no politics, not comparison, no judgment, no violence - just love and prayer. Oh, it makes me so happy.

I remember, I said to Ms. Nicole today: "I don't post these pictures just to say: "Look at me! I am pretty!!" It's more than that! It's to show that people can get along in spite of their differences! To show that people can unite and help each other if needed. It's to show that there are good people in this world, and there are a lot more good ones than bad ones. And most importantly, this picture is to promote having faith and hope. It's none of my business what you believe in. But allow me to make it my business that you believe in something: God, yourself, your country, Buddha, etc. and never stop hoping for the best:

- Having a belief serves us as a foundation to build on, something you can go back to when you are down, something that makes you a part of a community with likeminded people. (Remember, we must have people around us to survive and be successful).

- Always hoping for the best helps us keep going when times get hard. And we all know: they do. Just know "and that shall pass."

So, yeah. (Me with my improper English. You can't start a sentence with "so." I know. But, man, I love it!!! lol." I hope this post inspired you today to find people in your community to fellowship and to work with. I hope it inspired you to see that the world is not that bad. (Although we know it has it flaws.) Know that you have more of what you focus on. Why not to focus on the good?? Find a good church, good organizations, good people, engage in other people's lives as much as you can, and see for yourself how much better your life will get. I start with the church. What will you do? Start with something! Why not you?" Marina Amdream

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