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Fight For Life One More Time, Baby...

Are you ready to go deeper?...🌊😌

"My top 3 accomplishments today: -I studied more today than watching The Wendy Williams Show, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Ellen DeGeneres (love them, but I would watch them so so much.); -didn't have a carrot cupcake that I wanted so bad; -Walked for an hour with 3 tries when I wanted to quit so bad. It may seem so little to you. But this is what success is: having small victories every single day. By doing that you are building your mind, your core, your strength, etc. Now real talk: I have noticed that successful people don't go into it publicly (unless it in their books or something). They say: "I work hard. You do this. And then they talk in the most general terms possible leaving you figuring out the details of your own stuff the hard way." What I want to do is to talk about my worst experiences, my worst sides, failures, insecurities, etc. and then victories and how I did it, of course, to help you. From speaking to so many people already and writing and read by thousands of people, I have noticed that this approach is hated by haters, but celebrated by people who struggle, who fail, who are lost, who worry, who fear, who hate themselves & their life. The people I am talking to most have tried it all and again and again, have lost interest in anything just like me, but deep deep inside they know they have an ounce of strength that they can use to build up momentum of glory. Baby, I am here for you. When you are alone: I am too. When you want to cut yourself: I almost killed myself in college with pills and knife because of depression and food disorder. When you feel like life is useless: I am here TODAY trying to motivate myself to do anything every day just like you: step by step, victory by victory, at times breath by breath. And then when you just start baby, the glory kicks in! People start noticing your efforts, and you start using everything that is left of you to make a change that lasts, builds, inspires, impacts. You are on this Earth only one time. So, let God, Universe, other forces use you. You are on this Earth to transform, to unite to make a difference that no one will ever forget. It's your time, baby. Legacy is in the making. Now or never. You are here to start, to stay, to fight for the helpless, to play the epic music of meaningful actions. What are you waiting for? Can you feel the feeling inside of you brewing a hurricane of thoughts? You are scared, confused, overwhelmed with ideas, but you know that deep deep inside there is a warrior that is ready to get up and fight, ready to get up and figure it out! Fight for life like you are the only one that can win this war! Life is a war, but you can make it a peace - peace in your mind, your soul, your surroundings, your community. Do something. Don't let your gifts die. You are more talented than you think. I believe in you, baby, if everyone else gave up on you. Look at me: all alone among 327,167,434 million people trying to make it! (US population. Wikipedia.) Can it get harder than that?? It's your time, baby! I know it hurts. I know you are tired. But today you can choose to love yourself, to act, to impact, to change... Will you do it for me? For yourself? For your family? For your community? Will you do it.......... Will you at last??" Marina Amdream

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