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Finally Do It

"You probably noticed that I changed my cover photo on my Facebook Page. I just want you to know that every time I do it is not an accident. It usually means something at a certain time of my life. Lately, so much has been happening from doing multiple events to getting busy business deals. Life has been great with all its problems. And why is that you may ask???

The answer is in my cover photo. If you have not seen it, it a phrase "Finally Do it!" on the picture of a grey filter library. To me it means exactly what it says: "Finally Do it!" And the library means "Learn. Always Learn!!" The grey filter means that no one will never know how much work you put in doing your research, networking, being anxious, scared, etc. But over all you FINALLY know exactly what you are doing and most importantly you are doing it!!!

I can't tell you how much time I have wasted and still waste from time to time. But if you talk to me now: "I am on a schedule!" "I am disciplined!" I am tough!" "I am confident that I can bring value to my customers." And also, if you try to compete with one of my ventures, you better move because I will work my very best to win!

Does everything always work out the way I want it?? Of course, not! Sometimes I confuse networking events dates, or I have technical difficulties that make me deliver my videos later. Sometimes I may even snap at my partner if he is not giving me what I want in very stressful situations like filming weddings. But I know I am human. I make mistakes. However, I just can't waste anymore time... I just cant!!

I literally have to turn off my phone to not

get distracted and work till I get things done. Because I am a food disorder survivor I can't go hungry for hours and hours like I used to. I do get up to get something to eat, may sit down for a few minutes with a cup of tea to relax my constantly working brain and then I am back in business.

I know I am motivated because I am finally doing it!! "It" is achieving my dreams. I want the same for you - DO IT!!" Stop laying around and wishing washing that one day someone will give you your dream on a silver platter. Ain't work like that, baby! Add the hardships of a competition, delivering quality products or services on time and haters that want you to fail and you have a perfect combination of a potential to fall. But don't fall!!

If you do, rise and shine!! Rise so strongly and shine so brightly that they won't matter, challenges will become building blocks, and you will finally become the greatest that has ever lived in your field. That's the ultimate goal. Can you finally do it?? I don't know. But I do know that you can certainly try!! Why not you??" Love, Marina Amdream.

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