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"How do you serve when your life is in crumbles?

"How do you serve when your life is in crumbles? How do you continue a motivational speaking career if the more you get closer to your professional goals the more your personal ones get crushed. Is it all even worth it? It has to be because I am still alive. I just want you, guys, to know that I am going through a very difficult time right now full of uncertainty and fear. I talked to someone I love today at 9:55am who took me completely aback. The shock pain of it all is excruciating. I guess experience like this is called life.. I want you, guys, to know that if you are going through something right now you are not alone. I am your motivational speaker, and I am struggling to even do anything. I just want to hide in my blanket where no one can ever find me. However, it can't be the answer. The reality of it all is that as long as we have breath in our life, there is still time to live our dream lives: there is still hope. From now on we can make the right choice of living or the wrong choice of giving up. Which one will you choose? Although I am really hurting right now because of a relationship with someone, I know I must be strong for God, for myself and for all of you, guys. It's so hard to be motivating when I am crying. But I will be because I made a promise. Remember that the pain is an opportunity for growth. I am willing to grow and yet again to, hopefully, one day help at least one person with my knowledge and experiences. I pray for you and for me that it will get better. And it will. Just believe!" Marina Amdream

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