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Learn To Control Your Anger For Your Quality Of Life

"I can get mad. In fact, I can really get mad. Being an independent strong woman, beat up by life and men and coming from a messed up childhood anger is my "friend" and enemy at the same time. My whole life getting angry without not knowing how to control it has been my most common way of dealing with people who have been mean to me, not "perfect," let me down, etc. What a way to be a mature woman? I have a good news to tell you!! I am proud to say that I am learning how to manage my anger issues. How? Research, studying and applying what I have learned, of course, to help you and me along the way. WOW! How fascinating and eyeopening studying anger can be! Did you know that you can learn to recognize it, manage it AND prevent it from happening again?? I am blown away by these studies:) If only I knew how to hold my rage in when slamming the doors was a statement of mine, when getting into physical fights with my brother was a way of winning the point, when talking badly behind person's back was just my way of expressing my anger because they didn't want to work with me, etc.... Do I sound pretty messed up to you? Good: it means I have a lot of opportunities to learn and share with you what I have learned, so you can learn to help yourself as well:) Let's talk about anger up close. It's this feeling that suffocates us so quickly in a matter of seconds and usually comes uninvited. Understand the key word here is "feeling." You may call it "a reaction," "emotion," "survival and guardian technique," etc. However, try to examine your body when you experience anger. You may get sweaty, loud, annoyed, shaky, etc. All of that are the results of feeling your way of handling the situation in the moment. The solution is to try to control how you feel. You can only learn how to do it with practice. Try mediation, exercise, asking yourself why am I feeling this way and what am I trying to accomplish. Also, it helps to have your favorite phrase ready to be used. For example, "I don't think I understand you right now. Let me leave and think about this. I'll talk to you when you and me feel better!" Pay attention to how you say it: try to say it in a calm slow voice. That way you are making yourself feel better right then when you are saying these words. Understand that anger is like a hurricane. It can happen very fast, very unpredictable and cause a lot of damage. You may never completely be able to master it (will I ever?? I am trying:)), but you can, definitely, learn to be more prepared and learn how to handle it as it arrives in a heated conversation, just a conversation with other people or about other people, in situations like discussing politics, laws, etc. There is a whole other subject on anger when it comes to expressing views. We may talk about it in details in my later teachings. However, still use common sense to recognize anger and use your powerful control sense to not let the anger get out of control. We don't want that. It's not only going to affect your mental and physical health, but other people. The outcomes of angry encounters can be quite devastating: violence, break ups, lost money, reputation, business, etc. Be mindful of your angry emotion. Choose logic, kindness and love instead:) Even if you try just a little (like me:)), the quality of your life will get so much better, and most importantly, you will be a happier person because of it! Yey, YOU! You should be so proud of yourself that you are making an effort to do better every day:) It deserves a standing ovation. Imagine, I am giving it to you right now! Clap, clap, clap. Bravo to you!!!" Marina Amdream

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