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Making Yourself Comfortable

"When I was in an American college at the age of 19-23 all by myself, I made a lot of wrong choices: too many boys vs studying, wrong eating, lack of self-love, etc. Most of us when we "break free" from our parents to live on our own we tend to choose an "easy" way that is not always good for us. Learning now the science behind how people think, I realize that we all seem to want a quick fix of our problems that will make us comfortable even for just a split second. When we don't have anyone to tell us what to do or what not to do, we take on ourselves to make the next actions decisions. Driven by the desire for comfort, certainty, love, etc. we may turn to a bad company, self-doubting (at times even self-offensive) thoughts, drugs, unhealthy food, alcohol, excessive in bed time, etc. We may even turn to working out too much that if not done properly can hurt us in the end. (I used to run a lot to make myself feel better. Now I have bad knees. So, be careful!) No matter what choices you make (good or bad) to cope with every day life demands remember why you are doing it. You are doing it most and foremost because you want to be comfortable. When you are "going in" to the making a decision process, try to make the one that will benefit you the most. Know that there are consequences for your every action in the long run. It may not hurt now: it may hurt in 10 years down the line. Please be aware of what you are doing to make yourself comfortable because on that depends your whole well-being, on that most importantly depends how happy you really are with your life." Marina Amdream

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