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Marriage and Dating Happiness

"Today I want to talk about marriage - a subject that I wish was an expert in. The more disagreements I had in my marriage - the more I realize it was because of me. I was looking at a person I married as "God" who could possibly "fix" all my problems and make me happy. However, if only I found happiness within first, I would not depend my wellbeing on someone else and would not be bringing my issues into the relationship. Imagine a day when you are free from worrying, doubting, fearing, comparing, proving yourself, etc. You would be happy, right? So, stop doing it. Stop worrying about someone else's actions. Instead find your own path. Stop doubting your worth, career, interests, etc. Instead believe that you are good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, etc. Stop fearing that without him/her the world will collapse. Instead believe that everything is going to be ok because you have yourself and God on your side. Stop comparing your story to someone's else's or to your imaginary perfect world that "could have been if." Instead live in a moment trusting the process: everything happens like it supposed to happen. Stop proving/explaining yourself to anyone thinking "if only they understood, they would stay with me forever." Instead focus on making yourself happy and growing every minute of the day. The better person you become, the better your relationships will get. Also, some people may say: "The better your relationship with God gets, the stronger you will become as a person, the stronger your marriage will be." I want you, guys, to understand that by no means I am "preaching" selfishness. I am just trying to say like on an airplane "put the mask on yourself first" you must take care of your needs first. Then you will be able to contribute as much as you can to your marriage/relationship. Happy relationship starts with you. The truth that I should have known before my break up... Go and be happy with you first..." Marina Amdream

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