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Pause Before You Make a Decision

"Have you ever thought how we usually make decisions. Yes, our common sense kicks in as most of the time we utter an immediate response on the spot. However, what if paused before we say or decide something. There is a reason why there are designated decision makers in companies, schools, cities, etc. They get paid to take time to make the right decision that may affect thousands. What if we took this approach home?? If you take time to think through your next move and just to pay attention to how you feel, you will be more inclined to make better choices. Why is that? Why when we take time, we make better moves? It's because as human we are controlled by emotions. If you pause even just for a split second before you say something, you'll get a chance to cool down if you are angry, recompose if you are confused, calm down if you are too excited, etc. The way you feel matters. For example, if your nerves are shut, logic and rational thinking are usually out of the window. You may say right away: "I hate you! I want a divorce!" or you can take a deep breath first and say: "You are really hurting me with your actions. Give me a minute. I'll talk to you when I feel better." Then you can contemplate why you are with this person in the first place. The next time you speak to them you may say: "You know I love you! Let's try things differently in our house." Just by taking your emotions under control, giving yourself time to think and making the right decision of the proper action you might have just saved your marriage. Same goes with companies: "Do I expand or downsize?" "Do I invest in a new equipment or wait?" "Do I build or do I leave everything as is?" Taking time to assess the situation and taking control of your present emotions can make a huge difference not just in your personal and professional career, but in your overall wellbeing. Are you thinking about your next move? Take a few deep breaths with closed eyes. Open them and see if you can see a better light in your decision making process. Will you?" Marina Amdream

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