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Set and review your goals

"Today I want to talk about reviewing your goals. Have you ever thought about how important it is to constantly remind yourself what you are working so hard for?? To my own dismay I have not done it very often up until now. Why should I?

I am learning that if you review your goals all the time it helps you in a way to get energized. It feeds your mind constantly with imagination of what you want. We all know the power of imagining (also known as visualization) when it comes to making decisions. As you visualize that goal coming to life, your mind opens up to new possibilities, new creative ideas, new ways to take an action. That's why it is really really important to review your goals to help yourself visualize them.

I am actually super excited about this concept of looking over what I want. I feel like I am learning everything at the right time. I think God, universe, whatever gives us what we need to know when we need to. I am at a very good place career wise right now. I need an extra push, so I won't get unmotivated. Knowing that I must review my goals on a consistent basis makes me feel in a way accountable, confident, strong and even happy. I know where I am going: I want to help as many people as possible. I better start reviewing my goals to accomplish that.

What about you?? How are your goals?? Do you have short term and long term goals?? If not, I am learning it's a must! Set up your goals, start reviewing them like me and start finally succeeding. How much longer you and me should have a pity party?? I think it's time to get up and do something. Why not start with setting and reviewing your goals?? You can do it!! So, come on!" Marina Amdream.

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