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Steve Harvey Show and Tyler Perry Studios

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

✨Yesterday I was on Steve Harvey Show at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA. Listen to Steve Harvey's soundbite to hopefully change your life.... These are my real thoughts✨😌:

"Oh boy, where do I even begin?? First, I have been running on 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours and I just can't sleep. Like Steve Harvey would say: "The sleeping is for who??" No bad blood intended. Just love...

Speaking about love. I am in love with my life right now, with this moment, with my gift of writing and with incredible people that have paved the way for me from afar to be here today like Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and Mark Zuckerberg. I have been thinking what to write to you for 8 hours and now as I am writing I do not even know what to start with. I just don't. I do know that my life is about to change forever because I have just surrendered to God 12 years of my work. I keep grinding and grinding and nothing happens. But in Tyler Perry's words: "I have planted the seed and only God can make an increase." After the last 48 years I am done. I have just surrendered all of it to God like Oprah Winfrey did with Color Purple role. And I asked God to help me trust His time and thank Him for His time.... Even if I surrender at this time, I have no idea why the following happened... Why?????????

Why would God do this to me???? I have visualized Ellen DeGeneres, but God gave me Steve Harvey. Love you both!! I am just so confused why God gave me an opportunity to be on Steve Harvey's show?? Oprah, do you know?? Because you said once to a casting director: "I have not been praying for Moonlight! I have been praying for Color Purple!" But you did get Color Purple in the end. Why did I get Steve Harvey instead of Ellen?? I have no idea. I love them both!! I just did not know how to visualize to be on Steve Harvey show. I knew Ellen's show:) What a "silly" story on my part:) Why God???

So, I have cried and cried for at least 8 hours of the last 48 hours because I just don't understand how can He do this to me??? How the almighty God can give me an opportunity be on Steve Harvey show, experience Tyler Perry Studios for just a few hours and leave to my same environment: no life changed, no upcoming projects in store, no interviews made, nothing. To God I am like: "God what just happened?? How can YOU just tease me like that for a few minutes and then make me go back to my old life. I don't know why, so I surrender all of it to you!!!" I must trust that God has a plan... God is an almighty God. His way is His way - not my way!!! All glory to Him!! Always!!!

You may wonder what is the soundbite that comes with this post?? Well, it's an imperfectly recorded by me soundbite of the one and only Steve Harvey from the set yesterday. (Steve, I wrote you on IG to ask for permission to use it.) Why did I recorded?? You, guys, Steve was saying his final goodbyes to us to dismiss us and the cameras were turned off!!! I could not believe it!! We all know Steve's words are so powerful!!! Every motivational word that comes out of his mouth must be heard by many. His words are gold that I just could not possibly let go to waste. So, half way through his final speech I recorded with imperfect equipment his words in hopes to help somebody. Listen and savor every sound. It may change your life like it did mine!!

The pictures you see: - from Tyler Perry's studio. I asked his permission to use them on IG and a TV picture I asked appropriate owners as well. The intention use of these soundbite and images to not make money of them, but hopefully help the readers and the listeners in some way. May I??

Since I still have some words to let out of my chest will you let me write to Steve publicly?? While I am addressing Steve you will learn about an incredible story of faith that may inspire you go for your dreams - a moment where God truly came through. Steve, I hope you'll read this. Or should I read it to you on Tik Tok😉.

"Dear Steve,

the words cannot describe how impressed I am with you!! You are nothing like I imagined, but 10 times better: your words are powerful, your gift of comedy is incredible, your impact and contributions are second to none. Way to go!! I am so honored to have met you and I hope you read my card that said: "You inspire me!!!" I mean that very strongly! Thank you!!!

I want to tell you briefly a story where God showed up itself in meeting you! You just won't believe what happened. God really showed up!!!

First, it was a total accident how I ended up in the group of possible audience members. I did not really think I was going to get this opportunity because it's you!!! I submitted and got the invite??? How amazing is this to get something that you didn't expect. That's exactly what it is: "Amazing!!!"

Here I am finding out that the next day I need to be on your set at 10:30 am. Well, the problem is I am 8 hours away from you in Little Rock, AR. And you in Atlanta. What do I do?? No questions asked: using my last money I book a hotel room, buy gas and off I go. 4 hours of sleep and I am inside of Tyler Perry's soundstage 5. I see the coordinator keeps taking people on the actual set, but he keeps passing me. Long story short he took all the needed numbers of random people, filled in the set and had some people left not used for the set in back room watching the show on TV. Steve, I was one of those who missed the seat and was going to watch the live show on TV!!! Steve, I love you on TV, but I drove 8 hours to see you, booked an expensive the last minute available hotel room and slept for 4 hours. Being on the verge of nervous breakdown I want to see you LIVE!!! At this point I am just devastated and in panic mode: "Will I about to miss an opportunity of a lifetime to me you??? Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!"

What do I do?? I break down to tears. Sorry, but all the emotions of stress and excitement in hopes of seeing you just went crushing in front of my eyes. I burst into tears talking to your staff trying to explain that it's more than being in the audience. It's 12 years of grinding and finally getting and losing in a split of a second an opportunity to learn from the best!! I was crushed. My dream was about to be over. What happens next is a confirmation that they maybe in the seats already put there by humans, but if it's God's will for somebody else to be there, somebody else might be there!!

God sent me an angel in the form

one of you sweetest ladies staff. She heard my excruciating pain so much that she went on set, came back, got me saying: "Fast, fast, fast," swapped me with another lady (sorry) and here I am on the set of Steve Harvey show at Tyler Perry Studios - stage 5 sitting right across from you!! Look at God!!!!"

Then I listened to you, Steve, learned from you, laughed with you, and most importantly got motivated by you for the rest of my life. Thank you!!! Now, can we do it again?? Jk:) No, I am not!! lol..."

...The moral of this story is have faith and grind for as long as the universe needs you to!! "Ask and shall receive!!" - it's in the Bible!!! So, I am asking the above parties to let me use the images and the sound below:) And, of course, I am asking all of you, guys, to believe that anything is possible. Let me be your example of that. I still have no idea where I am going after this story, but I do know since I have just surrendered all that I worked for years for to God the rest is history!! I am making history. You are witnessing legacy. You'll never know what can happed with God. Believe that God cares for you and see how it can change your life for the better. "Remember to dream it, do it, succeed & give!" Why not you???" Marina Amdream.

P.S. Licensed music was used in this video. I have full rights to use it.

You can see the soundbite I am talking about here:

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