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Talk to yourself to help yourself

"I want to talk you today about talking to yourself. Something I used to not to a lot especially taking loud. In fact, I used to think that it was a sign of being crazy when you talk to yourself loud. Oh how the times have changed!! I know I have changed: I am not sure for the better or for worse. But I have changed!! Have you??

Because I live a quite lonely life by choice talking to myself became an essential part of my existence. I mostly talk to myself when I must be my own boss. I am my own boss actually, and I find it veeeeeeery hard!! I used to have my mother, my professors or my employers telling me what to do: today I am alone. (And as of right now I don't think I am doing so well:( I hope I am well on the way to recovery though:) I hate being depressed. Being depressed and lonely made my life worse, not better. I am doing my very best to finally get our of this sad state.)

I find it hard to be an alone boss because you must push yourself toward greatness when no one is watching and this is hard. It's possible, but it's hard. So, I must tell myself what to do, when to do and how to do it because if I don't, I will fail. And I don't want that. I want to win, and I wish you the same always!!!

When I do get 100% better I want to have a huge team of people working with me: telling me what I should do to be more effective and more profitable in my businesses. That way I could pay people more and give back more:) I would be so happy when I finally have a team. But for now, I must manage myself and be aware of what I say to myself very carefully!!

Do I say to myself "relax" or "work??" Do I say to myself "feel sorry for yourself" or "get up and do something??" We can go on and on about what we all say to each other. The question is what we say to each other is it helping us or is it ruining us?? Let me tell you: the number of positive affirmations I say to myself right now is astounding. This helps me be happier and more productive say the least. Even at times when I have nothing to eat, but rice and canned peas I still say to myself that I am doing well!! That keeps me going and then I randomly get a client from my Facebook Page!! That's the power of a thought at its finest!! That's the power of not giving up on yourself!! That's the power of saying to yourself good things, not bad things. Try it!! I am doing it in volumes that you could never even imagine because I know what I want. I am going to get or I'd rather die!!!

That's for you for the motivation for today:) Can you imagine if you were saying these powerful things to yourself?? Amazing!! You can help yourself do better!! It's a fact!!!

...Talking to yourself helps not only for motivational purposes, but also in stressful or angry situations. You can help yourself stop being worried or hate somebody, or you can say nothing to yourself and let yourself go completely out of control. I am a master at freaking out, yelling, fighting, proving my point, calling names, slamming doors, etc. UNLESS I stop myself. I have done my worst at so many stressful moments or arguments. The ones where I did my best I talked myself out of it (or I made myself to deep breath or walk away - that's another topic for how to cope with things). You can do it too!! Go ahead: tell yourself: "Calm down!!" "It will be ok!!" "Stop, just stop!!", etc. Say or do whatever works for you, just don't let your stress or anger get the best of you because if you let it, it will take over you with pleasure. We don't want the former: we want peace!!

I hope this post inspired you that you can motivate yourself & move past stressful or argumentative situations. All you need to do is to tell yourself what you believe will help you. You don't have to talk to yourself all the time, of course. You don't have to talk to yourself loud. But you surely can talk at times when you feel like you need to. You are the one who has more control of your life than you think. It all starts with what you say to yourself and what are your thoughts. What do you say to yourself?? I hope it always something good!! Keep it up!" Marina Amdream.

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