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Use All You Have And Make A Difference

"Fun" facts about me:

- I am in the middle of working out right now;

-I used dry shampoo on the picture below because I didn't want to wash my hair;

-I only worked out for 5 min before I took this picture that's why you see a muffin top.

Now let's get motivated:

"Tell me if it's true. If you consider yourself a successful person than you may agree that glitz, glam and fame takes about 5% of your time. The other 95% is sweat, meetings, creating, studying, investing, perfecting, etc. And when you get that reward it feels damn good for a good minute. After you are done you want more - more opportunities to help people using your God's given gifts and industry expertise. Tell me if it's true.

The next time you (whoever wants to be better) are thinking to get all the recognition in the world ask yourself if you are ready for what it takes: trying again and again and again. Look at me! Trying to write my heart out once and for all to show people where my true passion is. Do you know how many people out there are just like me?? Millions. Why should you listen to me? I don't know why, but it feels right just doing what I love. The outcome is unknown. The present of doing what you are born to do is tangible.

Take all you have and use it like no other. Prove those non-believers wrong. Prove your scared self wrong. You are not scared! You maybe just not ready for what it takes. But I know that you know that deep deep inside you have all you need: the drive, the knowledge, the discipline, etc. to use what you have for greater good. Do it, baby! You have one life. It's time to get out of your mind into the real world and show them what you are made of. Why don't you??" Marina Amdream

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