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Your Life Matter! Use It To Make A Difference!

"As I have finished editing and yet another funeral video for my company, I cried... again because I relive family moments with my heart for hours and hours, because I think of my life worthiness, because I think of my grandmother who raised me and died way too early from stroke... I wonder if my efforts are good enough, am I making enough difference in the world, am I making somebody's life better at their hardest times. Yes, I am far from perfect. My haters will tell you that with pleasure. But after videoing numerous funerals for my company, I am reminded one more time how precious and short our life really is. We must focus on living and being happy, and not being hateful to others or wasting time. We must take the breath and the time that we have left to help people. We must live with passion. We must believe in ourselves when no one does. It's the only way... 3 people came to my last event. It made me question my efforts when several people have told me "cancel it." But I was so happy at the event for the "odd" reason that makes me cry right now. If only people who chose not to come to my event and never choose to come to my events knew that I almost died twice on the way to my last event. I almost got into a car accident, and I passed out as I was driving for the first time - my biggest fear came alive. I am battling a health scare that no one knows about. Thinking that I may die anytime makes me work on my dream even harder. Luckily, my control of my car and me pulling on the side of the road at the right time saved me. After I started feeling better I went ahead to the party. If you only knew how much those 3 people meant to me because I was alive greeting them! I made the event happened by spending $120 of my own money. But the money was worth spending because after posting the pictures from the event on Instagram, someone said: "You are truly trying to make a difference." If this person only knew how much his comment meant to me. Thank you! 3 people came, and I was so grateful because I was alive and able to spend time with them. NEVER underestimate the power of one person. There were 3, but in my mind there were thousands because they have lives, families, friends, followers on social media. They can talk to them about you, so your next effort maybe better. Believe that! Believe in yourself. Believe that, if you believe, God will help you! Just be alive and the rest is history. Live your life like it's your last day. You may die tomorrow. Spend time with your loved ones. They may die today. Help somebody you don't know because you maybe the only one who keeps them alive. You are here on this Earth for a reason. Although, I am not sure what God's purpose for you is, I know that you are important, and your life matters. Live, love, help others. You matter....." Marina Amdream😌

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